Since first opening its doors in 1980, Reynella East College has played a significant role in the development and establishment of the communities in the Southern Vales area.

The school quickly gained a reputation across the southern area for its commitment to standards of excellence and innovation in education. This reputation continues to grow, as the school demands only the best from both its teachers and students.

As a result of its reputation, the school is at enrolment capacity with waiting lists at all year levels. We welcome students from across the Southern Vales of Adelaide and from many different countries of the world through our buoyant international program.


Construction of the new Reynella East College began in earnest in 1979 and ‘opened for business’ in February 1980 with approximately 68 year 8 students, 11 teaching staff and 4 ancillary staff, under the leadership of Foundation Principal Mr Terry Slaughter. Mr Slaughter sadly passed away in October 1981.

The school operated out of 4 classrooms (based in the Primary School) in the first year, and students were transferred by bus to nearby Dover High School for Technical Studies and Home Economics classes. In 1981, all specialist buildings were established. By 1984 the classroom blocks were completed.

On the 5th of August 1983 Reynella East College was officially opened by The Honourable M.F. Arnold M.P (Minister of Education and Minister for Technology), with 700 students. Rich local history formed the foundation of the school, with each building around the school being named after either an Early Settler to the area or a local place of history.

Some of the names that still stand today are “Henley” (Science block), named after Richard Henley, being the first of four people to settle the area. “Sampson” (transportable classroom block), named after Richard Sampson who owned the land south of Glenloth Winery on Reynell Road (now mostly housing).

As the school evolved, and the needs in education changed, in 2000 it was decided to ‘re-badged’ the school with a new logo and Mission statement. Input for the logo was sought from the student body, and under the direction of a Graphic Designer, a new logo was born. The logo and mission statement, were officially launched on 10th Aug 2000 by Sir Eric Neal, Governor of South Australia.

The mission statement: “Educating for life by developing adults who respect and value diversity, success, self worth, creativity and friendship”.

In 2001 Reynella East College welcomed a new Principal Mr Rob Mutton. After a short time, and with much consultation with the whole school community, Mr Mutton set forward to putting Reynella East College on the World Map. A new mission statement was introduced “providing a world-class public education.” A new uniform was also introduced, and embraced.

As part of the Reynella East’s commitment to world class education, the school began the process of adopting the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program. The process of this accreditation is quite lengthy, and full compliance is expected end 2008.

In line with the IBMYP, in 2005 the school undertook a restructure of the middle school years (8-10) and renamed some existing buildings to house the new middle school “Learning Communities”. Three Learning Communities were named after prominent South Australian Historians – “Mitchell” (Dame Roma Mitchell, Governor of SA 1991-1996), “Thiele” (Colin Thiele, South Australian Writer and Educator) and “Playford” (Sir Thomas Playford, Premier of SA 1938-1965).

Today, we see Reynella East College at enrolment capacity (1200). We have waiting lists at all year levels, and are attracting enrolments not just from our local and wider communities, but also from overseas.

Time Capsule

Reynella East College has been committed to preserving its history and as such placed items from all areas of the school into a Time Capsule, placed in the ground in 1983.

Due to site works occurring near the original ‘resting place’ of the time capsule it was recovered in 2000, opened for viewing, added to and relocated in the now iconic Sundial that sits in Chessboard courtyard. The Sundial is represented in the current logo, launched in 2000.

Past Principals

  • Mr Terry Slaughter
  • Mr Ed Smallwood
  • Ms Anne Williams
  • Mr Peter Mitchell
  • Mr Rob Mutton