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Student Free Day Notice : 2nd & 9th June

Student Free Days 2 & 9 June 2017

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Introducing our new CPSW – Kelly


Hi everyone, I’m Kelly Townsend, the new Christian Pastoral Care Worker (CPSW) at REC.

I am a dedicated, honest, loyal, extremely positive and self-motivated person who feels very privileged and excited to start working with the REC community. I look forward to meeting many of you in time. My rostered days are Monday and Tuesday, 9.00am – 3.00pm.

Kelly Townsend

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March Newsletter out now

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REC Raiders AFL – Registration Day

Our REC Primary AFL Football Club ‘Reynella East Raiders’ welcomes registrations for the 2017 season. We welcome boys and girls in years 2/3, 4/5 & 6/7 to come and be a part of the fun of AFL Football. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played footy before, it’s all about fun and having a go! Come out to our registration day after school on Wednesday 5th of April, 3.15pm on the Primary oval to have a kick and get a hold of a registration form and enjoy a free sausage sizzle. Forms are also available at Student Services, from primary teachers or from Mr Roche during P.E.


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SACE Autumn Revision Program

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February Newsletter out now

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Newsletter Special Edition1 2017

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Introducing our Counsellors

Senior School Counsellor

Hi, my name is Karen Pearce and I’m the Senior School Counsellor, I deal primarily with students and their families from Years 10 – 12 however that doesn’t mean that students and their families in the lower years cannot make contact with me. Sometimes, for girls in particular, it’s easier to disclose information or have a chat with another female. I provide a first instance counselling service and ongoing support to students and their families dependent on their needs. Making referrals to In School Psychology (see below) and other external agencies is an important part of my role.

As a parent myself, I can empathise with parents about the challenges of raising children. I’m more than happy to meet with parents/families to talk through any issues or concerns so that provisions can be put in place to address these matters or to anticipate any future problems before they arise.

I teach Year 12 Workplace Practices but have familiarity and experience with a broad range of  teaching areas. I work in the Year 10, 11 & 12 teams with a particular focus on SACE completion and post-school pathways. I have a range of strategies and contacts that can assist students to transition from school to post-school options and I am more than happy to work through all the possibilities with students and/or their families so that well-informed decisions can be made.

I look forward to working with new and existing families throughout 2017. Please feel free to email me, I am more than happy to answer or direct any query.

 Middle School Counsellor

Hi my name is Alan Peat and this is my second year as Middle School Counsellor at Reynella East College. I have been counselling for the past 6-7 years and have a real passion for working to support families and students in the school community. My role at Reynella East College involves a range of activities, including counselling/coaching for students, staff and parents. I manage the ‘In School Psychology’ program (see below) at Reynella East College, as well as managing Middle School enrolments and timetabling around Middle School Students. I also currently teach in the area of Technical Studies but also have a middle school background.

We have currently established and are building on Student Voice and Student Action Groups at REC, which will involve various focus groups within the middle school to enable students to play a greater role in their learning and the community. As these plans develop I’m sure you will hear much more about what students are up to.

 This year Reynella East College is continuing a partnership with In-School Psychology – Child & Adolescent Services. This service will provide up to 10 free psychological sessions each year to nominated students with specific needs. These sessions will be on location at Reynella East College.

Primary School Counsellor

The Primary Counsellor position is currently a vacancy and should be filled by end of Week 2.

In School Psychology

The psychologists at In-School Psychology are experts in child and adolescent psychology and are professionals dedicated to providing outstanding and comprehensive services to assist children, adolescents, their families and their school. If you or the staff at the school feel your child would benefit from this service the following steps need to be completed:

  1. Complete the GP information form provided to you by the school.
  2. Take the letter along with your son/daughter to your local GP and request a referral under the Mental Health Plan. When making your GP appointment let them know it is for a referral to a psychologist, as this requires a longer appointment time.
  3. Complete the consent form and return it to the student counsellor at Reynella East College with the GP referral. The school will then forward the forms to In School Psychology.
  4. Once the Psychologist has received the forms they will contact you and let you know when they will commence working with your son/daughter.

Reynella East College is looking forward to building the relationship with In-School Psychology and ultimately supporting the wellbeing of our students and families. Overall this service aims to work in conjunction with families and students and being proactive in relation to our school communities’ mental health awareness. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the student counsellors.

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November Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available here:

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Pastoral Care Worker Position






















For more info go to or call Angelo Likouras SMG 8378 6829

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