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REC Newsletter August 2015

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Marketing to Children: Resisting the pressure

Next Wednesday evening ACCM (Australian Council on Children and the Media) are hosting a Parent Seminar:

Marketing to Children: Resisting the pressure

7.30pm, Wed 19 August 2015


Highgate School

4 Hampstead Avenue

Highgate, SA 5063



The Facebook link is:


Professor Elizabeth Handsley

Professor of Law at Flinders University; President of the

Australian Council on Children & the Media since 2011


Regulating children’s exposure to marketing: the role of government, industry and parents


Dr Julie Robinson

Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, Flinders University 


Children’s responses to advertising: research and reaction


Chaired by Pam Simmons, South Australian Guardian for Children and Young People  


Cost $22 per person


ACCM members $20 (contact ACCM for your booking code)



Book your ticket at:



This seminar is hosted by Highgate School

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Who’s In Charge Term 3 – 4

Who’s In Charge Term 3 – 4 –

Who's In Charge Flyer Term 3-4

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Child & Adolescent Sleep Clinic


Download this Brochure for more information.

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Official Welcoming Ceremony for Mishima

Official Welcoming Ceremony for Mishima

Today we held an ‘Official Welcoming Ceremony’ for our Mishima visitors. Also in attendance were the students from the 2015 Mishima Scholarship programme including Ashley Morrissey from REC and students from other participating schools.

Mr Clayton Disley, Mr Andrew Smith and Ms Paula Wright officially welcomed Mishima staff and students to Adelaide and Reynella East College. Students were all very excited to be formally introduced to their ‘buddies’ for the next 5 weeks.  Following formal proceedings, warm REC hospitality was shared over afternoon tea.

Tania Guest


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Carews Visit To Narnu Farm

Our visit to Narnu Farm on Hindmarsh Island, in Week 10 was exciting.

Our favourite activity was horse riding. Some of us were very worried about getting on a horse and it took lots of confidence and courage. The good news was that everyone had a try, and most of us loved it.

As well as horse riding, we fed farm animals, collected eggs and rode around the paddocks on a big red truck called Elsie. We learnt that water turbidity and salinity levels affect how many aqua bugs are in the river; healthy water has many aqua bugs.  We also learnt about saving energy and recycling. We had a close up look at worms and discovered that they actually eat newspaper!

Everyone had fun with free time; we loved playing games in Fort Narnu, or playing tennis and table tennis.

Nik and Hudson celebrated their birthdays with chocolate cake, and Terry taught us how to ‘all scream for ice-cream’!


After dinner on Monday, we took our torches and hiked to Sturt’s monument, and then on the last night we had a bonfire. Karen taught us how to make damper. We wound the damper on a long stick and cooked it on the coals. It was delicious.


Our final activity was a show from Animals Anonymous. Aaron showed us some Australian mammals and reptiles. We touched a freshwater alligator that luckily had its jaws gently taped together. Mrs Patterson even held some pythons that took lots of confidence and courage too, but she did it!


It was a very busy 3 days and we had lots of fun. Although it was the first camp, it was the best we have ever been on!

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McClure Unit Assembly

The McClure Unit did an amazing job of hosting our end of term assembly today.

Congratulations to the staff and students for such a successful morning.

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REC Newsletter June 2015

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Inspiring Women into Computing, Engineering and Design

During week 8 of Term 2, a select group of Year 10/11 girls took part in the ‘Inspiring Women into Computing, Engineering and Design’ Day at Flinders University. The day was held at the new Tonsley campus so the girls were able to experience firsthand their new state of the art facilities.

On the day they were introduced to MITT App Inventor 2, a cloud-based game development environment. After only a short introduction the girls were set a design challenge…


‘Create a mobile game with a serious purpose. Your aim will be to create an app to combat anxiety – whenever someone feels anxious they can use your app to take their worries away! You’ll aim to create a game that immerses the user, requiring focus and calming them, and striking a balance between being too easy and too frustrating!’


The girls worked hard and came up with impressive outcomes. Katy Main & Dannii Conway (Year 11) created a Batman themed App and Kayla Sutton & April Dare (Year 10) designed a game where you had to pop balloons before they hit the ground.

They were great ideas and the girls should all be proud of their achievement.


For the second half of the day we heard from female guest speakers about their roles as engineers and the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in their career paths. Each woman was also able to offer an insight into working in a predominantly male environment talking about the challenges and advantages women face in these fields.



Amanda Chandler & Lauren Green




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Australian Defence Force Careers Expo

During week 7 of term 2 a group of students went to the ADF Australian Defence Force Careers Expo for the Schools VIP day. It was an excellent day.  Our students worked with people they didn’t know from other schools, to complete secret missions designed to demonstrate the power of team work and communication skills. There were numerous defence personnel on hand to talk to and offer a true insight into what this line of work involves. All of the students involved came away feeling inspired.


Lauren Green



Student Testimonial’s –

“Whilst at the ADF (Australian Defence Force) expo we experienced a large variety of real world situations carried out by the Airfare, Navy and Army every day. The day was full of relevant information and fun activities. There was a wide range of military equipment and vehicles that we were able to handle and climb inside of. It was a great day and definitely a good place to go for information on how to join Australian Defence Force and the skills needed.” Gavin Walker, Year 11.

“They were very helpful in answering my questions about the defence force and we got to do lots of cool activities” Joshua Harvey, year 11.

“The information that was given out on the expo day was really good, and will help me follow my career path in the army. Along with that, it was cool that we got to wear the packs they wear out on the field and hold the weapons that they use.” Jack Morgan, Year 11.


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