Where can I see the Secondary stationery/booklist requirements?

Primary students are provided with a stationery pack at the start of the year.  This pack includes exercise books and other basic items.  Further requirements will be requested via a note home to parents.

Secondary students will need to purchase stationery items at a local retail store, as they are not sold by REC.

Note for Secondary Students:

Knowing what to buy before all subjects are known is a bit tricky.  Students will know their subjects for sure from day 1, 2016, (majority will get their top preferences), but even then some change their minds on subject choices after that.  So we suggest you buy for the compulsory subjects, and beyond that, either wait until subjects are confirmed, or buy a small amount of generic stationery to get them by.  Certainly don’t over buy at this stage.  And of course always keep your receipts.

Click here to see Stationery Lists on our Finance page


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