Hello and welcome to Reynella East College International Program.

We know you will enjoy your time at our school. We offer a wide range of subjects taught by a large group of dedicated, caring and professional staff. We offer an extensive range of subjects, including academic and practical subjects some you may not be able to do in your current school.

We have teachers specialised in English as a Second Language, Languages other than English, School Councillors, and Pastoral Care workers, Youth Workers, International Coordinator and an International Manager all who are here to help and support you along with your subject teachers. We provide a buddy system to ensure you feel welcomed and comfortable. Your success and happiness both at school and during your stay in Adelaide are import to us and we will support you to succeed in all areas of your life here in Australia.


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Homestay Host Families

Walker Family

Being a host parent to an International Student can be an educational, cultural and rewarding experience. These students come and live with an expectation of improving their English and to experience life in another country.

For us the host parents, we learn about life in another country and the cultural differences. It’s a great opportunity to share your life with a person you would not normally share with. Once these students become part of your family your house will never be the same. The relationships you build even make changes in your own life. You build awareness by becoming more attentive and interested in things larger than your own household. You learn things you probably would never had the chance to but more importantly you get to share a journey and mentor a student who wants to make the most of a unique opportunity. At times is may even teach us how to be better parents and even change our thoughts about what could we do to improve things.

Have you ever considered hosting an International student? We took the challenge and our lives have never been the same. A wealth of experience and people we will never forget.

Wall Family

Being a homestay family is an enriching experience. You share the joy of seeing these young people gain confidence in their use of the English language and develop new skills during their time at our schools. You develop long lasting friendships, learn about another culture and share your culture with them.

We have had students from various countries for a few weeks through to a full school year. Together we have baked a cake, watched a movie, and made sushi, gone shopping, sightseeing, holidaying, camping and a host of other experiences. If you have a spare room and a bed with time in your family for a new young friend, give it a go.

Further Information:
About home stay you will need to contact International Education Services Adelaide

Location and Environment

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Reynella East College is on the Southern fringes of Adelaide (30 minutes from the city), on the Fleurieu Peninsula; an area renowned for its pristine coastline, glorious beaches and world class wine region. Westfield Shoppingtown, Marion and Noarlunga Shopping Centre are both located 10 minutes by car or bus from Reynella East College.  Marion is one of the largest shopping complexes in the southern hemisphere. O’Sullivan’s and Seacliff beaches are located 15 minutes by car from Reynella East College.  The popular beach and tourist district of Glenelg is located 20 minutes by car or bus. Further information on our beaches, shopping and tourist attractions:

Facilities & Grounds

Our school is currently undergoing a complete school upgrade of buildings and facilities which should be completed by the end of 2013.

On completion we will have a newly refurnished International Centre with two class rooms, two staff offices and kitchen facilities.

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Enrolment Policy

All international enrolments are managed through the Department of Education of South Australia, International Education Services: For comprehensive information on enrolment, please refer to:

International Education Services
Department of Education and Child Development
GPO Box 1152
Adelaide SA  5001
Phone: +61 8 8226 3402
Fax: +61 8 8226 3655


These programs enable students to:

  • Develop both oral and written communication skills.
  • Increase their knowledge of Australian culture.
  • Develop skills for living and studying in Australia.
  • Be supported by a high quality, safe teaching and learning environment.

Intensive Secondary English Course: (ISEC)

  • This course is provided for students who need to increase their English language proficiency before entering a high school program.
  • It is offered in small classes.
  • Students receive individual attention by highly experienced and supportive teachers.
  • ISEC courses are designed to familiarise students with schooling in Australia.
  • Courses are available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 week modules.
  • Term 1 and Term 4 offer a 4 day camping experience. Term 1 to World Heritage sights at Naracoorte and Mount Gambier. Term 4 a beach camp at Normanville. No extra cost to students
  • A certificate is issued at the satisfactory completion of the program

Long Term International Students

  • Secondary courses are offered from Years 8 – 12 after completing ISEC or if their English language is at a suitable level students can enter mainstream classes with local students.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) is offered to all International students supporting them to further develop their English proficiency.
  • The Middle School Years, 8 – 10, provides a curriculum which is broad and balanced preparing students for effective participation in Australian society.
  • Senior Secondary Education Years, 11 – 12, is available to students who can choose a wide range of subjects to complete a South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) over two years.
  • Our group of dedicated and professional staff are available at break times, before and after school to further help students to be successful with their studies.
  • Home stay is coordinated by International Education Services (IES) and is supported by our school.  For further information about home stay you will need to contact International Education Services Adelaide on (

Download Curriculum book here

Study Abroad Program

  • This program provides an Australian cultural experience of studying in a high school.  This programme offers English as a Second Language to support students to further develop their English language.
  • A range of options are available to students depending on their English proficiency and the purpose of their study. Students can choose between an academic or cultural programme to meet  their educational needs and their interests.
  • . A certificate is issued at the completion of the program
  • Home stay is coordinated by International Education Services (IES) and is supported by our school.  For further information about home stay you will need to contact International Education Services Adelaide on (

Short Term Study Tours

  • Study tours range in length any where from 1 – 10 weeks.
  • The programme is flexible so that the individual requirements of each tour group can be met.
  • We work closely with agents to provide a high quality programme.
  • Tours include intensive written and oral English lessons.
  • Excursions in and around Adelaide involving cultural activities.
  • Integrating some classes with local students to enhance their school experience in Australia.
  • Homestay families are chosen careful by the international team at our school.  We take pride knowing our host families are caring and very supportive. They support each student to get the most out of their experience.
  • Students will have a school buddy who will meet with them at recess time and lunch time assisting them around the school.
  • A certificate will be given at the completion of the programme.

Fees paid to International Education Services (IES) cover a number of administration costs as well as enrolment at this school – home stay fees are also included as well as overseas student health cover (OSHC).

Students will be provided with:

  • Orientation tour of the school grounds
  • A stationery pack including school planner.
  • Course counselling
  • A student identification card
  • Access to the school internet and email services
  • Printing
  • Excursions and camps
  • Sports fees – Knockout and Zone sports (including sports uniform)
  • Music and voice lessons included in your subject (private lessons at your own cost)
  • Subject course fees in course handbook
  • English language support for students who have English language difficulties
  • Access to of languages not taught at school – which can be done out of the school (ASSOE)
  • Assessment and reporting documentation
  • Graphics calculator are available for loan from the library
  • Year book for long term students
  • Home stay family support
  • Loan of uniform if SAP student.

Fees paid do not include:

  • Uniform for long term students
  • School formal tickets
  • School photos
  • Out of school music, voice or sports lessons
  • SACE enrolment and processing fees. South Australian Certificate of Education invoice students who enrol in SACE courses for fees to cover administration of SACE result and the certificate.

Should a student lose or damage any borrowed text books, graphic calculator, music or sports equipment it is at their cost to replace these items.