My Time in Australia

By Guia Bottini (Italy)

I’m Guia Bottini an exchange student from Italy, Milan.

I’ve been studying at Reynella East since February until end of June 2015.

Reynella East is a great school, especially for exchange student as it has lots of students and lots of different subjects to choose from. As a public school, everyone get accepted and well treated and the teachers will help you with any sort of issues. There are special classes for exchange students who need extra help with their English. At Reynella East there is also the opportunity to study a different language like French, or Japanese.

I found great friends and great teachers. Reynella East was the perfect school for me!

– Guia

My Trip to Australia

By Nobuaki Tomisawa (Japan)

I’m Nobuaki Tomisawa, but my nickname is Tommy. I stayed here for 9 months. I was concerned about whether I could make friends and study at the same time, but I don’t need to be concerned because the teachers are all very kind to me including teaching me after school. The other students are very friendly so they help me. As well as improving my English, I’m also studying French because I can’t study French in Japan so it is a very good chance for me. After I graduate from REC I want to enter an American university and I want to become a pilot. Being an international student at REC is excellent for improving my English.

– Nobuaki

About My Time in Australia

By Biana Melo

Being in Australia has been the best experience of my life. Since I arrived a lot of things have happened to me, many people have come into my life especially my host family.

I’ve become a mature and responsible girl. Being far from your family and your home makes you more independent and mature. When you’re on exchange you’re in contact with all sorts of cultures, and you learn from it and also learn how to respect those cultures and their differences. Being on exchange changes your point of view about the world and about people. It’s about becoming more responsible and independent. Being on exchange changes your life and I’m loving it.

– Bianca

My Exchange to Australia

By Leonia Andrade Leite

Living in Australia has been the best experience of my life. I never learned so much as I have learned here. My English is better and I learned to give value to people around me. For sure I am not the same as I used to be four months ago. I have learnt to respect different cultures, living different and being different. This exchange has changed my life and it has been awesome.

– Leonia

My Trip to Australia

By Adrielly Paz Feliz Paiva – Brazil

My trip to Australia is one of the most exciting experiences of my life. This experience is different to what I previously thought.  There was no need for a long time to adapt, although the first few days were not the easiest, most people have an incredible power to adapt, and above all I was lucky to have nice people on my side, to help and understand me. My new family is very cool. Two brothers to play, a mother and father who help me always be punctual and responsible and of course patient, my new friends are too. I miss all the important people to me in Brazil, but that does not matter much now because I’m going back soon and imagine that when I return I will miss my family and friends from Australia. It is impossible to be in two places at once, I can come back and visit, but I need to wait a long time.

– Adrielly

My Time in Australia

By Katharina Gihring – Germany

My time was with no doubt incredible. I dove into a total new world and culture. Everything started at Reynella East College. I can even remember my first lesson, where I met my first friends, who are still some of the closest around me. I learned so much, I got more mature and independent.

Pupils closed me in their hearts really quickly and the staff was caring, helpful and supportive. My host family was great. I travelled around the country and experienced a lot. This year just flew by and I am sad that I am about to return home. I just got so much used to my “second life”. But I will definitely return.
If you have the opportunity to be part of an exchange program, do it!


My time in Australia

By Marie Riemann – Germany

It is not easy to summarize three months in a few sentences. Actually it feels like a whole new life.  I was a bit scared when I came to Australia. I never thought I could do it. Starting a new life in a family you hardly know didn’t seem to be easy to me. But in fact it was. From the very first day my host parents made me feel like I had been part of the family for ages. Strangely enough, arriving in Australia felt a bit like coming home.
The second reason for my worries was school, of course. The role the school plays during an exchange program is too important that one could not be worried about it. I just had these “classical” questions in my head: Will I make friends? Will my English be good enough? Will I get lost at school?
Nothing of all that happened, in fact I had the best time at Reynella East College. It was a fantastic experience to see what school can be like in another country. The creativity and openness of Australian teachers and students gave me new motivation to go to school in Germany. The team spirit of Reynella East College made me personally stronger. And I think I can say I found some friends for life.

Australia has been so good to me – from my host parents who included me in their family from the very first moment and showed me their beautiful country – from Kangaroo Island to the Outback to the Barossa Valley, I’ve been there thanks to them – to everyone who helped me whenever I needed them – I’m thinking of my teachers, the International Manger, family friends – to the great friends I made. The last three months have probably been the best ones of my life so far. Not because it was always easy. But because there were lots of challenges I’ve learned to cope with, lots of new experiences, opinions, points of view which influence my life and give me new perspectives.

I can only recommend international exchanges to everyone. Experiencing a new culture, meeting new people, starting a whole new life – in my opinion it makes everyone a stronger and eventually maybe even better person.


My time at Reynella East College

By Sophia CHEN – China

Time passed very quickly, I had a very happy time. The teachers are all very kind to me; they always help me with my understanding of English languages. When I faced any difficulty, we always solve problems together, no matter what the problems are; they tried their best to help me. In here, I can do what I want to do, this is the biggest different than I studied in China. I picked up my singing again, and I like the feeling when I stood in front of the audiences and performed. The expressions in their eyes encourage me. After they heard my singing, I saw they smiled, that I knew I done it.

The students in here also very friendly, I knew some students thought we are looks different, so we are special. But I would like to say, we are all the same, we are all the students in Reynella East College. Year 12 is much busier than any time before I will stay in Australia for the next few years for the university. I want to become a teacher, so I hope I can teach in Reynella East College, therefore I can work with my lovely teachers and students again!!

I treasure the time at Reynella East College, the best time in my life!!


Sophia is now studying at Flinders University in Adelaide to be a teacher. Sophia was recognised as one of the top eleven International Students and received a special award for achieving a high Grade Point Average in her first year at Uni. Congratulations Sophia!