There are three significant graduation points in the life of a student at Reynella East College:

Year 12 Graduation & Formal

The Year 12 Formal is a much more elaborate affair involving a dinner and dance.  The planning for this event is undertaken by the Year 12 Coordinators with a group of Year 12 volunteers.  The formal is seen as an opportunity for the Year 12 to celebrate their five years of schooling and generally occurs on the last day of Term Two.  The Year 12 Graduation Ceremony occurs in early term 4.  At this ceremony students receive individual subject and service to school and community awards.

Celebration Assemblies

During the year all Learning Communities hold assemblies once a fortnight but at the end of each term there are Celebration Assemblies where students are presented with their academic awards based on their term’s results. These awards are held in high regard by students and are eagerly sought by all year levels.