Christian Pastoral Support Workers (Chaplains)

Jem Bishop is our Christian Pastoral Support Worker who provide support, and resource and referral options to students, staff and families. This support comes in many forms, including:

  • Meeting with students to listen and support
  • Supporting students in the classroom
  • Accompanying classes on excursions or camps
  • Providing a Christian presence in the school on behalf of the local churches
  • Liaising with the school, church and community agencies to provide programs to meet the needs of students

Past and present programs and events have included:

  • One50 Dance seminar
  • Sacred Stone seminar
  • Transition day activities
  • Support on Active8 Camps
  • Lunchtime Christian group
  • Lunchtime Dance group
  • “No Limits” self-esteem building programs
  • “Imagine” Hip-Hop program
  • Lunchtime performances and bands