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DFE have introduced some changes to when children start preschool. These changes were introduced in 2013.
From 2014, South Australia will have the same first day of preschool for all children. This will be the first day of term one.
The same first day of preschool will mean that every child will have four terms of preschool and then four terms of reception when they go to school.

Starting preschool


DFE Process

All state government students are considered as part of the Department for Education Secondary School enrolment process.
Full details are available from : DFE

Waiting List

In line with the DFE Year 7 to 8 enrolment process, students who miss out on Reynella East as their 1st, 2nd and 3rd preferred High School will automatically be placed on our waiting list. Each application will be assessed by DFE (not Reynella East) against the Out of District Enrolment Criteria. Students will be placed on a ranked list according to the criteria. Parents and students will not be notified as to their ranked position on this list.

Once the official Waiting List has been issued by DFE (usually late term 3), it is then managed by Reynella East. We will offer positions as they become available according to this ranked list. The list remains active for 12 months.

Our 7/8 Transition Program

Reynella East has an extensive transition program in place to support students as they make the move from primary school to secondary school.
Our Transition team work extensively to gather information about each child, including aptitude in fitness, IQ, literacy, science and numeracy, and background on social issues.
With this information students are placed in subject classes where they are most likely to succeed.
Students will attend two full-day visits in Term 4 to begin the process of orientation and information gathering. A Parent Information Night is also held in Term 4.

Dates are available on our Calendar


School Information Booklet (SIB)


Other Year Levels

Enrolment at all other year levels is by negotiation with the school. In most cases in the secondary school, zoning rules apply at all year levels. In the primary school, zoning will apply to individual year levels that are under enrolment pressure.

To give you a taste of a regular day at Reynella East College, we offer you a tour with our College with our Principal. Different dates apply to Years P-7 tours and Years 8-12 tours. Bookings are essential.


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Please refer any enrolment queries to Student Services.