11 Dec 19

The Curious and the Brave

Our annual expo of Year 8 integrated learning, The Curious and The Brave, took place in the Fraser Gym on Wednesday 4 December.

Students spent Term 4 working in groups to create concepts, experiments, products, business plans and prototypes, along with associated marketing collateral and presentations. The expo was a culmination of their learning across Science, Maths, English and Global Studies over the past few weeks and there were 81 registered stalls.

Visitors to the expo were greeted by Year 9 peer support helpers on the front desk and given over $300,000 worth of ‘Smithy Dollars’ to invest in their favourite projects.

Our visiting guests from the Department for Education, CreditUnionSA and Advanced Technology Project all spoke very highly of the calibre of student work on display.

Many projects followed a theme of sustainability and how to solve climate and waste problems. Food-based and beauty products were also popular.

Prizes were awarded to two sets of winners and we thank the very generous CreditUnion SA, Flinders University and SASTA for sponsoring the prizes:

WINNERS (based on amount of Investment dollars)

1: Stall 13 EEE-Straws. Exciting, Edible, Environmental eco straws. These non-plastic edible straws for drinking were popular among investors. Liam K, Ethan B, Brock H and Jude H came up with this concept.

2: Stall 17 Co, ‘saving the world one cookie at a time’ with their vegan cookies, developed by Astra R, Annalise S, Alex R and Jennifer S.

3: Stall 75 Meditation Munchies. Jayden D, Monique F and Charlotte L produced biscuits with ingredients that could promote wellbeing, such as chamomile.


WINNERS as judged by the panel

1: Stall 47 Sam T, Shafia A and April D won the panel’s vote with an integrated large-scale whiteboard eraser with built-in fluid dispenser, designed to save time for teachers.

2: Stall 64 Amelia S and Taliah J created sustainable plant pots from upcycled plastic bottles. They even included a water drainage system in their design.

3: Stall 24 Sienna B, Rosemary G and Freya C created Rae Nei Café and their biscuit based, sustainable edible drinking cups capable of holding hot beverages.


Congratulations to all our budding entrepreneurs, inventors, marketers, graphic designers and salespeople. Until next year, when we look forward to a whole new array of amazing ideas from curious and brave students!